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Vista-Group · My*Vista*PC Yahoo Group

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1 Vista-Group · My*Vista*PC Yahoo Group on Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:16 am


Vista-Group · My*Vista*PC Yahoo Group

to our Vista-Group Yahoo Groups launched JANUARY 2008. General
Discussion Group and Audience. Here we go again..... As Webmaster of
the BlueCollarPC.Net, I started right on Windows XP in year 2001 as it
was released. It all had that 'state of the art' feel and was/is. Here
we go again. Windows Vista has been out for months and Windows Mobile
as recently as Version 6.0. (Fall, 2007). Just as Windows XP required
always checking for the "XP Logo" on softwares and it took the industry
adjustment to catch up - it all seems that legendary release is now
another brand new 'state of the art' feel in Vista. I think as Windows
XP diehards have run out of excuses ! TIPS: Basic Version is kind of
non-intrusive, but if you go mobile (Laptop/Notebook) or are setting up
Home Network - you definately need at least Vista Home Premium Version
with all improved wizards settings included (like XP users accustomed
to) and especially the battery optimization settings in the Vista Home
Premium OS (Operating System) .....VISIT OUR VISTA WEBPAGE FOR
INFORMATION LINKS AND MORE ..... All Welcome.... Webmaster of the
BlueCollarPC.Net and the BlueCollarPC.Org Any Official Microsoft Patch,
Fix, Updates are posted as well as any general computing Security
Alerts. TIP: Vista OS is now the safest Windows OS on the planet as it
does not allow malware to "write to the disk" (just temp files) by the
new safer Vista UAC (User Account Control) and Internet Explorer (IE)
Protected Mode. NOTES: Computing Security alerts and for the Vista OS
itself posted. Members are welcome to ask for any malware removal help
or post questions and comments. BAD PUBLICITY NOT WELCOME ! [click]
Vista Bashing ? READ this NOW !

RSS http://rss.groups.yahoo.com/group/Vista-Group/rss

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